Message from the president

The Canadian Natural Products Association (CNPA) has worked specifically in the area of ​​natural health products for over 30 years. We are proud of the avant-garde position which the Canadian government has opted for in the regulation of natural health products. The CNPA regroups members of the industry with the desire to meet high standards with respect to regulatory compliance.

At the early stage of regulations for natural health products, the CNPA is involved with Health Canada to present perspectives of the industry, the needs of its members and the challenges to be addressed. Today, CNPA has a very good relationship with the NNHPD, which allows us to be consulted and promptly notified of regulatory projects underway or planned, while we benefit from a good reputation at this level of government.

Overall, the CNPA remains an association where the voice of each member is heard and considered in our official representations. It is an association with a friendly atmosphere where each member has the power to voice his point of view without being overlooked. Joining the CNPA is joining the ranks of legitimate businesses, who are commited to the quality, efficiency and safety of their natural health products.

It is a pleasure to welcome you among us.

David Pelletier , President

Canadian Natural Products Association