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  • Manufacturer of finished products
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The CNPA ethical chart is to sensitize our members to the importance of processes related to the Natural Products as mentioned in the initial principle of the regulation.  The CNPA entirely supports the basic principle to offer a greater access to the Canadian consumer of Natural Health Products which are safe, effective and of high quality.




The CNPA members take the engagement to ensure:


  • Their Canadian operation of manufacturing, labeling, distribution and importation for Natural Health Products are conducted in sites with a valid site license;


  • Their Natural Health Products sold in Canada hold a Product License Application (approved or in the evaluation process) as requested by the Natural Health Products Directorate;


  • The Natural Health Products commercialized by their members do not represent a risk to health.


The CNPA members take the engagement to respect:


  • The conformity of the product sold in Canada as submitted in the Product License Application to Health Canada;


  • The conformity of the claims approved in the Product License Application issued by Health Canada;


  • The conformity of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as requested with the Site License.


The members of the CNPA take the engagement to actively participate:


  • To follow the evolution of the Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD);


  • To participate in consultation sessions by presenting the impact on the industry point of view of the practical application to the proposed guidelines and documents;


  • To participate in the recognition of Natural Health Products in terms of quality, safety and efficacy with other members of the industry as well as with academic members.