Health, naturally



1) The CNPA has a direct and privileged relationship with the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)

2) Excellent networking opportunities with other members of the industry

3) Benefit from the strength of a group working in the same sector of the industry which may face the same challenges

4 ) Having a direct link and an economical way to obtain International Trade Certificates (ITC) and Certificates of Compliance for Good Manufacturing Practices for exporting companies

5) Be well informed and follow closely all aspects of regulations concerning natural health products and benefit from the experience of other members in this area.

6) Be informed at an early stage and have the opportunity to comment on bills and regulatory changes being considered by Health Canada.




Since the association was created, the principal objective of the Canadian Natural Products Association was the recognition of Natural Health Products.  CNPA regroups the industry stakeholders involved at every level associated with Natural Health Products with a mission to promote Natural Health Products which are Safe, Effective and of High Quality.  CNPA members participated in several activities to sensitize and promote to:


  • Consumers;
  • Industry;
  • University;
  • Professional Orders;
  • Medias;
  • Provincial government;
  • Federal government that contributes to create the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD).


Since the new regulation related to Natural Health Products effective January 1st 2004, the CNPA has been continuously involved in consultation sessions to ensure:


  • The application of Good Manufacturing Practices;
  • The protection of consumers;
  • The establishment of high quality standards;
  • The establishment of high safety standards;
  • The establishment of high efficacy standards;
  • The diffusion of credible information related to Natural Health Products.